Chinese Archer weapon upgrade bug (new discovery)

The previous information is not very detailed and accurate. After many tests, I have made new discoveries. Now I can determine the specific upgrade bug of the archer.

It is known that there are four units using composite bow in aoe4, which are:

  1. Abbasid Dynasty Camel archers cavalry

  2. Mongols archers cavalry

  3. Mongols Archers

  4. Chinese Archers

As shown in the figure, the composite bows of the first three units have evolved from the yellow wood bow of age2 to the white wood bow of Age3 and then to the gold bow of Age4.

Only the Chinese archer’s composite bow has never changed. It is always the shape of the white wooden bow of era 2. The reason for this bug should be that the weapon model calls error. Please repair it as soon as possible to make the Chinese archer’s weapon upgrade consistent with the other three composite bow units.

In other words, only the Chinese archers of era 3 have no problems and need not be changed, while the weapons of Chinese archers of era 2 and era 4 have bugs and need to be repaired.

Thank you very much for your efforts.

Abbasid Dynasty:

DY (1)
DY (2)
DY (3)


MN (1)
MN (2)
MN (3)


CN (1)

CN (2)

CN (3)


Look forward to the response, including the Spearman and crossbow bug I fed back before. These three are really my most concerned points. Although they may not affect the game, I hope they can be recorded and repaired as soon as possible!

Thanks @ahioz9426! I have captured this for the team. Appreciate it.