Chinese balance suggestion:

age 3 and 4 landmark receive a 50% discount after corresponding age up

early Crossbow available in age 2: as of right now the chinese is the only civ without an early unit, leaving them extremely vulnerable in feudal. Giving them early crossbow would allow them to fight off attack much easier. Historically the chinese were an early adapter of crossbow so this fit.

imperial academy can produce imperial official: speed up chinese’s early game by giving them a way to produce official without taking up valuable tc time.

imperial palace now automatically collect tax from nearby buildings(replace previous bonus): it’s probably the most useless landmark in the game and automatic tax collection would greatly help alleviate burden on the four imperial officials.

pyrotechnic now increase damage of non gunpowder siege by 20 percent (replace previous bonus)- the current issue is really how the current chinese bombard will trade evenly with culverin and springald once the chinese bombard have gotten all their upgrades. removing the range bonus will keep the chinese bombard vulnerable to culverin and buffing the springald provide the chinese an alternative to the culverin (which they lack).


China is balanced… you just gotta know what to do with imperial official, it might even be overtunned in some aspects :smiley: