Chinese Castle is underpower and need more love

1.The train time of Mongolian Army is 25 seconds that is too long contrast with hussar. Since a batch of Mongolian Army is about 2 hussar cost but need 50 second to train 2 batches (4 hussar cost), while European civ can train 5 hussars in 40 second that‘s out of balance in early game. I hope the train time of Mongolian Army could be reduce to 20 second.
2.Flamethrower is a underpower unit and hardly used just because of its low performance/cost ratio. Flamethrower should cost 150 wood 150 gold, and occupy 3 pop which is more appropriate.
3.I hope Asian Castle can supply 10 pop like Russian blockhouse. That makes Asian Castle more useful in Commercial age.


I don’t think china needs training time buffs.

Agreed with flamethrower

No need for pop buff. China villages are good enough already.


But 25 seconds train time for 2 hussar cost is too long that makes training Mongolian Army very inefficient in commercial age.

You also get dragoon’s with it as well, the slower training time compared to the euro civs is offset by getting age 2 dragoon’s, not that many civs get that if you want to not get dragoon’s with your cav, you have the standard army for chukonus and cav, skirms cavalry is a composition that’s very good, a civ that uses this composition a lot is the Dutch

25 seconds train time is too slow, even 20 seconds train time is still slow (40 seconds for 4 hussars) compared with European Hussar (40 seconds for 5).

If you observe carefully all 3 of asian castles are a bit off the course, their build time is wayy too much and prices are high too ! compared to an outpost

and units from these castles have tremendously large train time than expected , especially in case of China and India, not as much for Japan (coz they can train 10 at a time and their units are totally worth the extra 5-10 seconds)

IMO the build time, and cost, of castles are a considerable factors for building a castle in age 2, hence u rarely see age 2 castle units in game like flail ele or flame thrower, there maybe some minor adjustments that can be done for that

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Yes, you are right, also building a castle takes 60 second. It should be reduced to 50 second just like Russian blockhouse.


Man you know nothing about China then, literally the worst cav archer/goon unit in the game. You make them sound like Lakota cav archers or something lol

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I think that China should have more artillery units, it is a civilization that throughout its history has almost always been in internal conflict, with many assaults between provinces or castles, improvised explosives carriages to break down castle doors are widely reported. , there were a lot of makeshift carriages that can easily be considered, explosive chargers or artillery just should put it in the game

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How about letting Flying Crow train available in Castle!

Yes,I agree with you more for strengthen the Chinese castle cost,training,and flamethrower cost

the 4 cav of the Chinese, iron flail and meteor hammer are just too good though… much better than hussar. Because they have a little range to them. They can hit stuff behind units (really good to snipe down artillery), and even not engage muskets into melee thus killing them while absorbing their weak range attack.

I think China’s train time is fine… you also save on not needing to make 2 types of barracks/ stables

the cav archer unit its weaker, but if it were any stronger China would be unstoppable. Such an OP civ.

We are talking about age 2 units in castle (iron flail and meteor hammer are age 3 units, and only meteor hammer can ranged attack but with low hitpoint).
The train time of Mongolian Army is slow as I analyzed before and the cost of castle 250 wood/50 cold is not cheap compared with Russian blockhouse.
BTW, Chinese age 2 castle unit is UP in many match-ups.