Chinese civilization AoE 4

Hello everyone!

So I think I am not the first to mention what is below. i do sincerely hope that something will be done about this.

After several multiplayer game, most of the time when I don’t enjoy the time spent on AoE IV is because I have beside or against me : The chinese civilization.

Beside me: I litterally watch my ally destroy our opponents without the time to Have a real battle. It is what we can call here a boring way to win.

Against me: My army is burned to the ground in a really short time by the several “nest of bees” machine players systematically produce in number. I actually tried several approaches without success to manage them. It seems impossible to deal with it so far

I admitted so that this need to be nerfed somehow. This is why I let this message in the “report a bug” section, because (at least to me) something which causes power balance issues in the game is clearly a bug.

I kindly ask if it is possible to take action. And of course, thank you for this great version of AoE =).

Best regards

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A key to deal with NoB is to have 12 tiles range springalds to fight them.

We are all lucky that Chinese dont have extra range bombrads with increased HP and speed
Some fast moving cavalry with increased torch dmg to snipe your SE or landmarks within a few. seconds right?

(Oh and good feature is u cannot at least use animation-cancel on FL so they need a lot of time to destroy anything)

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I tried first cavalry=> a lot dies before reaching close range then the few alive are too few in order to destroy more than 1 or 2 machine.

Springalds: I tried with 8 of them most=> It do some decent damage but quickly are destroyed. It felt a bit like a waste of ressource. I’ll try with more but still convinced that a nerf is necessary.

I will add that when no chinese player are in the lobby, I see often people happy about it :slight_smile:

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