Chinese Dynasties: How do they work?

Hello again. As stated in another post, I am learning the Chinese civ.

This time I would like to ask about the whole dynasty mechanism. It seems that extra landmarks start a dynasty that grants something to your civ. Cool. My questions around this are:

  1. Does the order matter? It seems that you can opt for an extra landmark at any point. You can reach Imperial and then start doing extra landmarks.
  2. Do I get the benefit of every dynasty I acquire, or only the last selected dynasty? As an example, if I move from the Song dynasty to the Tang dynasty, do I lose the Song dynasty’s benefits?

Nobody knows or would like to provide some insights? It would be of much help. Thanks in advance.

It seems that few players will come to this section to read the article, and I just saw it.

  1. The order can be changed freely, but most people’s order is Song Dynasty → Yuan Dynasty or Ming Dynasty

  2. After the update, the Chinese civilization can retain the units and building abilities of the previous dynasty, but will lose the benefits of the original dynasty. Each dynasty can only enjoy the benefits of the current dynasty.

Also, you can’t change from any dynasty to Tang dynasty.

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