Chinese granary suggestion

Hi Relic,

Currently, the Chinese granary is a bad investment, provides a very poor trade for its cost. Someone on the forum approximated that the overall gather rate you can maximally achieve is ~16%, for 750W invesment. More over it’s gated behind a dynasty.

Now that’s obviously a terrible “civ bonus” which is guaranteed to be neglected/underused.

I suggest if we keep granary cost as is, can we change it’s bonus to buff drop off just like IO, can stack to a max of 30% (in practice this is more like 20% because of impossible placement to fits all farms…), and still able to be supervised.

It sounds like a fair and balanced buff compared to HRE chapel’s buff which is even much stronger, and English with half price farm and +30% bonus.


  • Swap the +10% gather rate for +10% dropoff.
  • Everything else remains the same.

Tbh I still feel it’s a bit underpowered given only a few farms would receive max 30% and the majority would get 10% and 20%. But we can test the water and see if that needs adjustment?