Chinese Great Wall Gatehouse Rebuilding Bug

This bug only applies to the Chinese monument the Great Wall Gatehouse. If an enemy player destroys the monument, the Chinese can rebuild it. But, if the enemy destroys the gatehouse and builds a building on top of it (specifically the keep, though I believe most buildings would work), the monument is wiped from existence and cannot be rebuilt, and does not show up as a monument on the map anymore.

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Thanks for the report, we’ve got this raised with the team for review.


I got a similar bug when I could build the Chinese Great Wall Gatehouse on top of a own tower and gate. Because it looked ugly I tried to delete the old gate, but it destroyed the landmark in the process. I could not rebuild the landmark (it disapeared) and also the Spirit Way landmark coudn’t be build anymore (which I had not build yet).

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This just happened to me as well. Wanted to get rid of the old gate, but not have a big opening while i was building the new one.

Dang that’s unfortunate they haven’t had it patched it out yet. Hopefully some devs see this post and get it fixed for next time