Chinese Imperial cannot supervise while carrying gold

When they reached their gold carrying limit, supervise will never work. Using supervise results in them dropping of gold.
It’s been there since the betas, wondering if it will ever get fixed?


Hey @HighPingLord! I’ve been unable to repro this. Have you noticed any other specifics? Does this only happen while supervising a specific building while it is constructing specific units? During a specific age? Etc.


This happens every time an imperial has 20 or 40 gold (which ever is the cap). When you supervise a building, the imperial will go to the building to supervise, but it will instantly stop once it arrives in order to turn in the gold. It will not go back to supervise after.

I typically click TC first before supervising, but little annoying to do so.

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what ? this is a bug? I thought that is the mechanic.

Sometimes the IO drops shift commands when carrying gold aswell. Like it picks up gold 20 gold, I tell it to drop off gold and then I wanna shifft command supervice mill again… and it ignores the drop of command and goes to supervice the mill again.

I think that has to do with automatic tax collection. You can only safely supervise when the imperial official is at 0 tax (even with auto collect on). If he has some taxes he will continue running around eventually - that is the case for me.

Turn the auto collect of and see if that happens again (it shouldn’t).

This happens when Automatic collection is on. From a user perspective, automatic commands should only assist/enhance/complement human instructions, not override us.

If you give us an auto-collecting button which requires manually switching off when supervising then on again afterwards, it defeats the purpose of that “automatic” button.