Chinese Imperial Official "same AFK villager status" NOT ok

The unique Chinese unit: Imperial Official shares the SAME AFK status as a common villager, which makes it so tedious and horrible to keep track of the real afk villagers :dizzy_face: :face_vomiting:

This issue is driving me CRAZY as I can’t focus on other aspects of the game because the “CIO” will stay AFK for long periods of time until nearby buildings generate more taxes to recollect.

The Chinese faction is simply unplayable until this gets a hotfix ASSAP please


  • Please create a new icon for the AFK status of the Chinese Imperial Official (CIO) so we can separate their roles from actual AFK villagers …

Soo rigth, maybe they will adress it like the arrow correction ( 0,01% chance), or they will totaly ignore it like normal people feed back ( 99,99% chanche).

I hope you good luck.