Chinese Imperial UT Idea for Rocketry: Arrows ignore Armor?

The Chinese also utilized Fire lances, which were ancestors of firearms.

In place of fire lances, I had a idea for the effect of Rocketry:

Apart from the more attack from Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions, Archer-line and Chu Ko Nu’s arrows also ignore enemy armor. Chu Ko Nu-wise, only the main projectile will ignore the armor.

The arrows ignoring armor will represent the fire lances.

That alone is among the most game-breaking things ever, Archers completely negating high PA units hasn’t any counterplay, see how Skirms, Onagers and Rams become utterly useless vs such archers, and that for a civ with a tech discount and great economy to get into that point.

Chinese don’t any changes for now.


Any ranged unit that ignores armor should only have a low base attack and a short range. Therefore, any existing ranged unit should not have that ability.


Even if the chinese lackef Bodkin and Arbalest this would be a bit overwhelming. I would atill make it onlynworknon organic units

Doesn’t matter whether Chinese utilized fire lancers or machine guns or laser guns or whatever it is. Game can’t be broken for the purpose of maintaining historical accuracy. You can always build custom history mods or campaigns for this purpose.
Archer line ignoring armor is ridiculously broken. Just hypothetically speaking if this is given, what can you even use to kill those archers? They’ll take out siege, cavalry, skirms everything. Whether chukonus’ secondary projectile ignores armor or not will become irrelevant because no one will make them.

This however can be a good idea for a new unique unit for some new civ in the future if it has a base attack of 4 or 5 in castle age and 6 or 7 in imp and just affected by chemistry, no other blacksmith upgrades. Should be quite expensive or slowly produced or move very slow and have low hp.

Also please stop this endless barrage of low elo smooth brain suggestions spam.