Chinese Mastery 9 the Spirit way bugged

I’ve tried so many times, even went as far as not researching ANY techs until I researched the spirit way techs even did the silly thing where you build 8 military buildings around it and I still can’t get it!

As you see in the picture I researched all of them so I don’t see how I can never unlock this no matter what I do!


Indeed, to this day this episode of the Chinese mastery series is still stuck.
There is no way to achieve this.
This blocks the acquisition of Chinese mastery and therefore the mastery of all masteries in the game.

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I’ve just come across this issue, it’s frustrating. please fix devs :slight_smile:

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Same issue. Please fix!


Same problem on Xbox series X ! It’s still blocked :frowning:

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Still bugged until now :- (

Same here after server maintenance

Thank you all for reporting this.
There is a fix coming to address this, after constructing a Spirit Way and researching all Tech in it, the 9th Chinese Master - Path of the Spirit will unlock.


Thank you! Looking forward to getting this done!

I came on here hoping for answers played so many ways so many times and I’m still not getting the mastery please fix this!!

When can we expect this to happen?

Hello, this statement dates from September 23: a month later can we get any news?

Can we please get an update on this fix? really not wanting to play since troubleshooting this for days.

still not working as of 26OCT2023. also makes me want to stop playing since I can’t complete this games achievements.

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still not working (xsx) as of Nov 4th… very upsetting, just started getting into the game heavily and cant max chinas masteries thus halting maxing all the civs


Update 9.1.109 should be fixing this finally!


At last! Why not just a quick bug fix?

For groups reference from Seitzz’s link

Worked for me, issue seems resolved.

I’ve attempted it three times and its still bugged for me??