Chinese Mastery got lots of bugs

I’m currently rushing into the Chinese mastery and so far found two bugs. I don’t know if there is more down the road, but I saw the “Thunderous Onslaught” mentioned having bug too.

In my case, I got the “Shared Wealth” bugged. Where instead of any building that generate tax around the Imperial Academy, it is only through taxes on military buildings that I got this mastery passed.

Now I’m stumbled on the Path of The Spirit. I already build the landmark and military buildings that got unique units by dynasty but it still won’t unlocked in my case.
I hope there is a solution or patching, perhaps, for this situation.

Thanks @Artanu88! This is one we are aware of and working on.

I’m not sure on the other one. You could set up a game specifically to get this Mastery just to see if you can get it to trigger.

  1. Start a Skirmish in Age 3 with High Resources.
  2. Build the Spirit Way landmark.
  3. Build 6 Archery Ranges or Stables next to the Spirit Way.
  4. Surrender
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Thank you, I just tried it yesterday and it really solved the problem. Works like a charm. Not sure what caused the bug but at least it is completed. Thank you!

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