Chinese MH

I have an Crazy idea
Chinese didn’t have Dragoon in age3.As we know the Chinese Meteor hammer is an Ranged melee cavalry.
If let it cost become 200Gold and give it a buff for 1.5X against Heavy cavalry.
What Do you think?

They don’t have dragoons, but they have Keshik. The sound is that buffing Keshik solves all problems.

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I agree with you more.But They can’t buff it

Yes, Keshik was definitely considered weak, and many people wanted their buff, but the developers are completely ignoring them.


I think dps wise meteor hammers do more damage to cav then dragoons

dragoons do at base 66 damage to hand cav but since most cav have atleast 20 range resist it works out to 53 damage

Meteor hammers on the other hand do 29 base damage but since they have a melee attack that means twice the dps so its about 58 damage for every dragoon’s 53(also since its melee its not resisted) and they also snare. + they have 5 range.

Please guys, stop asking for a buff for china, it’s already very potent honestly.


Yes. By the time china gets to MH they are powerful enough. No buffs needed.

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Although MH is 34Damage/1.5F.But The Dragoon have 12 Ranges!And Chinese MH need 175Gold!

MH is not a goon. But Keshik is a goon. Are you mistaken for a unit that really needs buffs?

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I agree.But first,Chinese did not have age3 Dragoon.Keshik it’s age2 unit.I need update it.Second,Chinese Keshik is weakly very much.So,I think could let the MH become a special Dragoon?We can increase their cost and Increase the against Cavalry ability!

You mean like Cheyenne Rider that has a multiplier vs cav? I think that’s a pretty awesome idea.

Cheyenne rider is currently the only cav in the game with this function, and it’s only a native unit dependent on map; it would make the game more interesting to expand upon it for a civ. I think that because China lacks decent anticav, considering that some players already use Chinese cav as a mediocre anticav option and that MH only have 1 multiplier (vs art), unlike most units, they are a very good candidate for this multiplier.

Yes,It’s my mean.Be like Sweden Dragoon and the RifleRider.We can increase their cost to 200Gold and add 0.5-1x against Hand cavalry ability!

Not exactly, you are referring to range cavalry that can kite and Hakkapelit doesn’t even have multipliers vs cav, nor do they have an anticav role. Cheyenne rider, just like MH, are a melee unit that deal their multipliers at melee.

I am totally against providing that multiplier to the Chinese Meteor hammer, since for anti cab they have pikerman, Changdao and Keshik, already in itself the meteorite is quite hard compared to the rest of the Chinese units, its purpose is to kill artillery and tank unit. If you want a Chinese carolean, play with Sweden.


What’s your Rank?Pikeman,Changdao,Keshik?Looking the Changdao cost is 95 Food
120HP,15Damage.2.25Xagainst cavalry
Hussar 120Food 80Gold.320HP,30Damage
Could you tell me two Changdaos against cavalry is Good?
Keshik is Dragoon.But Who using it in the elo 1400+?

Well yes friend, it has to be weak, because they masse and train very quickly and easily, that is the grace of playing with china, if you ask that apart from being cheap and easy to train, they are also strong, well then so less apply penalties in training times. If you do not like these Chinese mechanics, then you must polish your micro and macro more to have enough army, that is the difficulty of this civi.


Well my friend, I’m afraid you are deeply mistaken. Chinese unit are infamous for being hard to mass in one kind because you are forced to train them in mix batches.

This is also not true, with the exception of Iron Troop Mercenary and Flamethrowers. The fact that you think that Chinese units are cheap, easy to train, easy to mass quickly and strong tells me you haven’t play them much but have lost to them a good couple of times, because if all those things were true they would be the most overpowered civ in the whole game.

Sorry, my English is not very good, maybe you did not understand me well, I am not saying that they are strong units, I am only saying that in this topic and a few others they are asking to strengthen the Chinese units in general, but that is not good at all , because the fact of being able to mass so many units so quickly and without the need to build a very powerful echo will totally destroy the balance of the game. China is perfect like this, the difficulty of this civi is trying to group the large number of troops it has, but this is not a disadvantage, it is rather an advantage!

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Tbh if people want china to be stronger, just make them easier to mass, maybe not by shipment. keeping chinese units alive is like 80% of the trouble playing china. I still suck doing it but when sufficiently massed, it just becomes OP

The best way to help them round their compositions and mass, would be to give them more monastery bonuses to recruit the extra units needed from there and perhaps even get an xp trickle like European civs, since they really need it, specially in no TP maps.

Probably giving them access to both Manchu and Iron Troop with the atonement card could be a good idea (and historically accurate); you just recruit more of whatever you need depending on what your opponent is sending at you.