Chinese monk should be nerfed imo. What do you think?

Hi. I think Chinese monk should be nerfed because it is strong enough to change the result of a battle.
Its hitpoint is over 1000 in age3 and his attack is too strong to ignore. It also has a special attack every few seconds and also generate pupils good against skirms.

What often happens when I fight against Chinese is that when my army confront chinese army, the monk walk straight towards my skirms, taking many shots like they’re nothing, killing my skirms one by one. And when the monk alone is not enough, it will generate its pupils at the spot.

When I try to kill the monk first, my units have to waste more than a few shots on the monk which could have killed a dozen of enemy units. And while my units focus on the monk with over 1000 health, Chinese army keep attacking mine without taking any damage.

When I try to ignore the monk and eliminate the opponent’s army first, the monk alone can eliminate my skirms, sometimes with pupils generated in the battlefield.

I personally don’t like the monk. When you use the monk you don’t need to micro because the monk won’t die easily while you can force the opponent to micro well to deal with him. That is not fair or fun at all.

Do you agree with me?


Chinese Monk is not hard to deal with, just swarm him with Hand Cavalry, which has enough HP to not die to him, while your Ranged Infantry focuses him down.

It is one of the few good Chinese traits, and to nerf it, would break Chinese as a civ.


My tip would be to send some ninja or spy with your army. not too many pop and they deal about 200 damage a hit to explorers

China needs the strong monk because in general, china infantry units are squishy. You should add more cavalry in your army. Also falconets if you can afford it.


No more nerfs to Chinese even the monk.


Falconets do not really do much against Monk units, Hand Cavalry is the real counter, at least as far as I know.

Yeah, falconets are more for killing other china infantry, while hand cav are killing monk and disciples.

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The Chinese monk is not at all op in early where small skirmishes are common, in fact his disciples are worse than the Spanish war dogs, the improvements of the monastery at age 2 only serve for disciples who are also too little is a 10 % and 20% resistance, with a cost that nobody wants to assume. The only way that it is good in colonial, is with the improvement of the shipments. It may be annoying if you go with archers, but as I said at the beginning, the monk does not do much damage, In addition, it gives 90 experience when killing him. I think it’s fine, as another person said with a (spy) you can shoot it down very quickly, taking advantage of the fact that it is a melee unit, with a greater reason it is easier to shoot it down.

Spies are Melee units too, not Ranged.

I did not mention that spies are of rank, maybe the English translation failed

This sentence implies taht you can shoot down the Monk with Spies, but the Spy unit does not “shoot” at all, it is Melee, just like the Monk.

Te lo escribo en español para que no falle la traduccion, Yo dije que el monje es a cuerpo cuerpo, por esto te lo va a mandar a atacar a tus unidades a distancia, si tienes el espia ahi mismo escondido o como sea, con el espia vas a derribar al monje, no confundas abatir o derribar con disparar, Yo no mencione nunca que funciona a distancia el monje o el espia

Pero en inglés, eso es exactamente lo que has dicho.

How can you even consider asking for nerfs? The scout is fine. The disciples are very weak though and they deserve to be atleast comparable to spanish war dogs. For some reason in Age 3, spanish War dogs get more than 200 HP and 22 attack, while disciples have 120 hp. It would be much better if both were similar since they cost pretty much the same ressources.

Someone explain why spanish War dogs get an insane stat boost in age 3 but disciples do not?

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That is because Disciples can also make more Disciples, by attacking enemy units.
a self-replicating unit cannot be too strong, otherwise you get the Tleilaxu from Emperor: Battle for Dune, and they were always chosen as minor faction because they had strong self-replicants.

War Dogs are also limited to 5 forever, but not Disciples.

Nerf them? Nope.
If anything, all explorers/heroes/monks/etc should be brought on par with them.

Disciples creating other disciples almost never happens. Its a low chance and disciples have low attack, they also need to lasthit the enemy. Also with their low 120 HP in Age 3 they always die before dealing much damage, unlike Spanish War Dogs which are very strong.

What your not mentioning is that a lot of civs explorers can change a battle, the Chinese monk get 1000hp in 3 while the European ones get 750, to make up for that the euro civs have ranged explorers, also Indian monks add up to the same as Chinese monk if you add that there are 2 Indian monks, this is why the 12 sepoy rush is great for india because it’s like they have 12 sepoys and 2 cav units to tank

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If the chinese civ is really as reliant in their kink hero as say here, then the civ is already broken in my opinion.

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It is not broken, it is in a good spot, and there is no “kink” Monk.
All Native civs are HEAVILY reliant on the Warchiefs, yet they cannot ALL be broken.

The Chinese Monk is great from Discovery to Fortress Ages, because he can frontline, which Chinese have trouble with, because their units are rather frail.

Just because you do not like the design, it does not mean it is bad design, as it clearly works well.