Chinese needs bombard cannon

1 villager has censored Chinese, it is a huge cut-down. Now the winning rate has become even lower. I would suggest that a re-balance should be made.

  1. add bombard cannon, but no siege engineer. In history, such as in the Japan-Korean-Chinese war, bombard cannons have been widely used in the Chinese army, which is a crucial weapon for the Chinese to win the Imjin War. However, due to balance, the BBC has been cut down, which makes the Chinese have almost no method to handle siege onager boom, especially in deathmatch. But now since many civs have BBC, elephants and other outbreaking new units, adding BBC to Chinese should be a balance.

  2. Remove camels In history Chinese did not use camels as the calvaries, the camels can be removed from their tech-tree to make them less OP.

  3. Add flame throwers in the siege shop. Although flame throwers are rarely used, it is quite fun as a siege unit to set fire to enemy buildings. Since the Indians have their siege elephant, the Chinese can also have a flame thrower with high-pierce armor but low melee armor.
    Have fun in discussion guys. :smiley:

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How are you so sure? The patch isn’t even out yet.


What are you talking about? the patch isn’t out yet 11

I agree with point 1 and pont 3. Flame thrower can replace rams that would be cool. But camel had been widely used in Chinese history. Point 2 is not true.

And if you want to be historically accurate, Chinese should have siege engineer. 1000 Chinese siege operators were recruited by the Mongols in the Mongol army to help conquer the world. That’s why Mongols get siege engineer and drill tech, yet Chinese doesn’t have it

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Chinese are already OP and why they need even more options in Imperial 11?


Chu ko nu +BBC forms a monster combo. This can be disastrous in team games/closed maps.

Besides, devs decide to remain chinese unchanged according to the latest patch notes. They will have +3 villagers as before.