Chinese players need their own servers

Chinese players are ruining this game. They should have their own Chinese server where they can cheat and map hack as much as they want. AGAINST EACH OTHER. There are multiple valid reasons for this:

  1. 90% of the time there is a map hacker, it’s a Chinese guy. There guys cheat all the time. If it’s not with hacks, they team up in FFA’s just because they are Chinese. Let them, on their own server.

  2. You can’t report them decently due to their name. That’s right, you can’t type their name.

  3. They don’t communicate. Should you end up with a Chinese guy in your team, they don’t speak English and are often useless. Ruining your game.

  4. There’s plenty of Chinese players they can play against. Obviously, they outnumber everyone. So why can’t they just stay on their OWN SERVERS and annoy each other instead of us?


Communication and understanding can be done through pings/emotes. They should add the same translator on the forums to the game! That solves 1/2 of the issues people have.

This is something we’ll all experience as communication networks broaden and we have more contact between cultures other than our own. Translation is a must!

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I don’t see a problem with playing against them or any other region. The only issues I have are with players using some form of cheating, which is quite demotivating, or when players are very rude.

But the biggest problem here is the cheaters. The developers need to find a way to punish as many cheaters as possible and set up a good feedback system so that players feel secure with the game’s support.

Regarding communication, there are systems in the game that already help with this, such as pings, taunts (some are informative, like attacking a player of a certain color, defending, among others. Many are very useful, and the only problem is remembering the command number to be added in the /number). Maybe they can improve this to make it easier to use the correct phrases. For example, they could add text commands instead of just numbers in a way that is more intuitive, like Good Game /gg (like /40), defend the yellow player /defyellow or something similar.


Thats a big ask, considering we are kind of being left in the dust by microsoft :frowning:

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Unfortunately you are correct about the maphackers… Most of the times I’ve found one is chineese.

You can’t expect your teammate must be English speaker。

Yes I can TwelveDigNumbers. I am not a native English speaker either. Yet it’s the world’s business language. So yes, I can expect that. You should be able to at least speak a little rusty English if you want to live on this planet these days. I speak 4 languages, sure you can speak 1 and a half.

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Okay, so how do I ping “For the love of god make spears, they are coming with cavalry. Start fishing there is water! Don’t build that barracks in the range of my Ottoman Blacksmith?” I want to play with my fellow westeners who speak at least some words English. As it should be i na game where communication is this important in team games. And again, 50/50 chance they are cheating so they should just get rid of the sick chicken to save the rest of the chickens in the coop. Cut the cancer out, give them their own cheating playground and leave the rest of us in peace.


This is the best suggestion I have read in these forums for years

No you can not.
There are a lot of people who don’t speak English, do you want them all banned to their own servers ?


/55 “Enemy is preparing to rush.”
/67 “Watch out for enemy cavalry!”
/80 “Build forces to repel enemy cavalry!”

/77 “Build a navy.”
Ping location + /103 “Let’s build here.”

Ping location + /104 “Please delete this building.”

Reference: Steam Community :: Guide :: AoE4 Full List of Taunts Quick Reference

This would make the process much simpler.


Day 0 of playaing against premade of chineese maphackers. (Will post this everyday I get matchmaked against maphackers).