Chinese Spearman weapon call error?

Don’t worry.I think it will be fixed.


Mongols has the same problem

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Yes, these models have been made, but they can not be displayed normally for some reason, which is undoubtedly very wasteful and uncoordinated.

yes, Chinese need more buff.

Well, this is not the main problem. The main purpose of my topic is to remind the production team to repair the model display problem.

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Thanks for your advice, I have done so.

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It’s true, but that doesn’t mean that some issues can’t be raised now, right? If this issue be forgotten by the production team, let’s repeat it later.

Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you for your work!!

Add: the weapons of the Chinese / Mongolian spearmen show that bugs exist in times 3 and 4 at the same time, that is, the era of silver and gold helmets.

From the latest exhibition video, the Spearman’s weapon call error has not been repaired. Maybe the official mainly focuses on the stability and balance of the game. Of course, I hope this bug can be repaired when it is officially released.

There are many kinds of Chinese Spearman weapon. It is difficult to distinguish which dynasty it is.


The weapons of the Qin Empire were easy to distinguish, but they were soon eliminated.


This topic has nothing to do with history. I just remind the production team not to waste game models.

The latest China vs France show shows that this bug has not been repaired. Is the version used in the show the latest or previous?

Why they(Developer) don’t fix?

Just wait. The game isn’t even out yet.

OK, that’s all I expect from aoe4.

Maybe they don’t think it’s important.

Please be sure to fix this bug before the official version goes on sale. Thank you very much!

If the production team doesn’t adopt my other suggestions, I can understand that they have their own considerations, but this display bug about Sino Mongolian Spearman weapons is what I really care about. I hope it can be repaired before sale. Thank you for your efforts.

Daily reminders.Will the production team reply to me?