Chinese Tower Rush; Will People/Care?

It seems that the meta has finally caught on to the Chinese tower rush, and seems to be emerging as a legit strat, at least on some maps.

I’m not saying I have a problem with it, or that it is OP, but it seems to me that the devs purposefully tried to balance this game away from tower rushes being a main strat.

The way towers deal damage in the early ages and the building attack strength of melee units against buildings seems to generally balance away from tower rushes.

Will we see a call to nerf Chinese tower rush in the future? Curious if people have thoughts.

Seems I’m late to the party, but what makes Chinese best at tower rushes? Isn’t this the English/Mongol thing due to their bonuses around towers?

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They build building twice as quickly, which is potent with towers.

Also, Chinese arrowslits emplacement upgrade gives them a gunpowder weapon that automatically fires.

Can you give more details? I’ve not encountered it.

Is this some sort of “lots of starting vils on wood, have a tower covering their gold mine up at 2 minutes with a villager inside” style rush? Or more slow creep forward later on?

There was always speculation on Barbican of the Sun rushing - but it doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. Possibly because good players will see it coming and just jump on those villagers with their own before it goes up. I guess that’s less do-able with a quickly thrown up tower. But then you are still losing a considerable amount of resources on having villagers run across the map and then sit in a tower to shoot.

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That is exactly it. Personally I don’t know how strong it is.

Worth noting that China builds defensive structures only 50% faster instead of 100% (meaning they build towers in 3/4s the time other civs do instead of half) so devs were trying to address this issue before the game even came out.



Age of Empires 4 - China Is A Tower Rush Civ Now?! - YouTube

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Interesting game. Although in this case I think the issue was less a tower rush - and more a classic example of how Delhi completely falls over if their opener is denied.

It could potentially be an issue that Chinese towers can be built in 30 seconds versus 45 for everyone else. With 4 villagers that’s 15 seconds for China versus 22.5 for everyone else. Not sure this is that dramatic though. Also not sure on Handcannons. They make a difference versus Knights/MAA - but otherwise I think its less DPS versus 0 armour things than the regular archer upgrade.


In any case is a h ge risk. If the enemy see you and kill your villagers so soon, you are dead.
And Chinese are not strong on the start

Balanced. Tower rushes easiest thing to stop in the game; if you make army. If you just being greedy a tower rush will counter you.


Lol at what point in age 1 are you planning to build an army? The point of a trush is to deny crucial Res and slow your age up .

If you build an army to counter a couple towers, many times the job is already done .

It’s like when you raid with Knights. You don’t have to kill a vil to get a ahead, you simply need to force idle time.

Scout. Static defense vs army that can actually move. Not want to explain it any further cos you may Lol again.