Chinese Translation Errors

he is cavary not infantry!

different hero than last time

Sorry @BootJenna, I’m a pleb and only know English. Which hero is this?


William Marshal, m
must 20 long

You’re amazing; thanks!

feels like a lot of problems here for Chinese UI of hero description of cavalry and infantry this is the third one

she is cavalry not infantry

Thanks a lot @BootJenna! Always appreciated!

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but there is no place to use the siege tower!

You suppose to build battering ram to destroy the wall, not siege tower.
I don’t know is it language error or what.

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in the picture

the unit will switch to the sword(“剑” but it is actually 刀) for close combat but the soldier is actually using a knife 刀/saber 马刀

a knife 刀 always has one side of the edge 刃. image

and sword 剑 always has two

in the game, the unit is using a knife but the description is the sword

in the description of boar, same place of the weapon, it said elephant teeth, 象牙. why a boar grow elephant teeth ?

Both boar and elephants have tusks. It’s probably a translation error.

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yes, i think the maker is using google translation or auto-translation,
see here, the google translate tusk to 象牙 (here 象 is elephant and 牙 is tuck/teeth)

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in the description of the wolf and the weapon part, it said 咬人精步兵 and 咬人精 which is not mean anything
after switching to English, I find out it is a google translation of “bitey infantry” and the weapon are bitey, it is very cute in English but super weird in Chinese because nobody speaks like that

Microsoft’s use of Google translation in games is really a laugh. Aren’t there many Chinese employees in dev? What have they done?