Chinese villagers drop off bug

Chinese villagers will drop off sheep food at the town centre despite gathering the sheep right next to the mill

Hey @Rmorley1985! This isn’t something I am able to repro. Was this your own Villagers or the AI?

I had the exact same problem in one game.
It had to do with the distance of the sheep to the TC and the mill.
I think that the sheep was slightly closer to the TC than the mill and because of that the vills dropped off the food to the TC and not the mill. To avoid this place the mill at least 4 tiles away from the TC if u place it directly next to the TC, this happens a lot more often I would think since not all sheep will be killed directly next to the mill but 1-1.5 tiles away.
Also important, the villagers don’t calculate distance from the point they are standing, but the food source itself. Meaning if the vill is on the right side of the sheep and that would be much closer to the mill but the sheep itself is slightly closer to the TC than the mill, the vills will also drop off the food at the TC.

My mill was at the berries and the sheep were right up to the mill

It was my own vills. I will have a look for the game rec and post something on youtube as an unlisted video and can send you the link to see it.

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