Chinese Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty is an under utilized dynasty in the Chinese arsenal mainly because the cost associated with reaching it is equal to reaching castle age a second time and when you pair that with the “niche” units/abilities you gain, it makes it difficult for most players to see it’s relevance…

Lots of topics have been generated in hopes of revising the Yuan dynasty. I’m currently willing to argue that among the suggested changes the COST should NOT be reduced.

IMO the Yuan dynasty isn’t something to be rushed into on low economy because I believe in order to achieve the full potential of this dynasty your Song Dynasty booming should have already been on it’s way and you should be 60+ villager strong minimum.

NOW I argue on the backbone of a steady economy fire lancer raids work wonderful!!! IFF you can multi-task; although fire lancers cost 40 more resources than horseman, they still train in the same amount of time and with Yuan dynasty speed boost they move faster than knights. Fire lancer’s splash radius APPEARS to be 1 tile around its spear. So the idea is to what exactly what french does all game; 2 to 3 groups of 10 fire lancers roaming around to snipe villagers! Meanwhile you’re back at your main building an army for defense. You can also call those fire lancers back home if you need a flank on enemy siege.

Now fire lancers are not geared for army combat; so the best you can do with them, when not sniping siege is a charge then run away.

Next the Chinese “Yam Network” is functional for both army and villager running away for their lives!!! So is useful.

While the Pagoda is… at least something…

So overall the Yuan Dynasty is about keeping up the momentum and upping the tempo with constant pressure. And you get the element of surprise since the game doesn’t announce to the enemy that you’ve reach any dynasty; they have to see/hear you building the extra landmarks.

If the Dev would improve the Yuan Dynasty then I’d hope they give the Fire lancer some more HP (from 155 to 195) and make the pagoda generate 50 tax/min regardless if there is a relic in them or not (or 25 gpm with no relic and 50 gpm with relic and of course everything doubles when inside the double tax zone). Oh and make pagodas another tax drop-off point!!!

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