Chivalry - french technology

Hello guys,

I think Chivalry is kinda one of the big problem about french KTS. The French civ already got strong early ressources buff but if you add to all of thoses upgrades and bonus :

  • Unique with charge boost : Cantled Saddles
  • 20% Prod faster with age 2 Landmark
  • 20% lower cost when stable next to a keep
  • +15% hp from University techno (imperial) 35% total

=> The french KTS really shine there.

Maybe Chivalry should be completly removed, or only active when next to stable which is more lore friendly than healing in the middle of nothing, and less efficient for run-by.


It’s also not very logical. I mean, most players research Chivalry to better disrupt opponent’s economy, aka killing villagers, right? I’m not sure “Chivalry” should be all about murdering innocent civilians


It’s a great ability, should not be available in feudal age though. It needs to be moved to the castle age.


I agree. French can go in, take a lot of damage to kill vills, go back, heal and get back in.
I think moving chivalry to age3 could work.
That being said, spearman is also being buffed and there are loads of balance changes coming so I am not too worried about it, I can definitely see some changes coming to the french anyways.