Chivalry is Dead bug

I have played the North to York mission as it tells me to do twice. Once without paying the Danes and the other paying them but the Chivalry is Dead season event challenge will not complete after I destroy the keep. I did not save and load.

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Hey @SonorousEel974! We are tracking a bug related to this. Were you subscribed to any particular mods before trying to complete this?

I have mods but turned them off. The very first time I tried I did have a mod active but turned it off and still didn’t work. I have played this mission 4 or 5 times now on different difficulty settings. I have also tried paying off the Danes and killing them.

Thank you @SonorousEel974! The team is on it!

Hello AoE Team, same problem for me! Finished the campaign already and replayed the mission, but the weekly quest does not appear as completed.

I have the same issue.