Choose Colour

I hope the ability to choose player colour is added soon after launch, its not a biggie, but it adds much more variation and character to game, especially since a lot of the units, especially archers and pikemen have much of their uniform represented by the player colour. I also really like to choose colour based on civ and if I cant be the Holy Roman Empire in yellow ima be real sad. Also if all the campaigns you just play as blue vs red I think thats a mistake, the variety in colours in the aoe2 campaigns added alot to them, like how the Byzantines would always be blue/purple or English red, Mongols orange/yellow etc


I wholeheartedly agree. The British in blue and the French in red is so cursed


It also seems strange to me that the enemy team is all red - even if multiple players, they are all red. I wonder what the reason behind that is. Maybe an argument could be made for that because of realism - they are enemies to no need to differentiate them. But we are playing a game and it is helpful to know which players remain in the game, and enemy team colors can help when communicating with your other team members (“everyone attack orange”).

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There’s a setting where you can turn on unique player colors, but you can’t choose who’s what.


You can actually change that in options so that each player has their own colour. It was the same in Company of heroes, same devs.

But i 100% agree with OP option to pick a player colour is such a basic feature that should be added. It should have been in from the start! Seeing French in red fight English in blue just feels so off to me.


Well, it would be OK to represent a bunch of French traitors fighting against a bunch of English traitors.

Maybe they can merge and become the Normans. :wink:

I always host a ton of custom games, which means i am always player 1 which means no matter what civ i play i’ll always be blue. Sometimes i like to change my colour with each civ. I am sure competitive players don’t care, but it’s something that needs to be in custom games.


Ok thank you, good to know for that. So each player can change that setting and it’s not something chosen in game setup such as by a host for a PvP game?

Yep its a personal option, because player colour is decided by player number. So player 1 always blue, player 2 always red etc.

Being blue all the time feels so bland, I don’t know what kind person thought it would be a nice touch if they removed color selection. Honestly…

I would say choosing a color it’s like a mandatory thing in a rts game isn’t it? I don’t remember a single rts game without this feature except for aoe 4. This shouldn’t be hard to implement let’s hope they get this into Monday 15 patch.