Chrashes during into, error release_9_1_1_RTM_Gaming.Desktop.x64, 0x80000000000000

The game starts, and during the intro it crashes 2 seconds after launch, I updated all the drivers, the PC components are fully compatible, I reinstalled the game 4 times, completely deleted all the files, nothing helps. I found a bug but can’t find a solution


  1. I don’t use VPN
  2. Antivirus is disabled
  3. No error messages are shown after departure
  4. There are no mods, the game is clean since I’m trying to log in for the first time
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I have the same error log,My configuration is 13900kf+4090.Have you found any solution? I tried increasing virtual memory, limiting the frame rate, changing the resolution, and reinstalling the game, but to no avail

any fix?? same error.

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Did you overclock your CPU?
This can have many reasons, for example faulty windows files, bad c++ installation

Maybe Performing a DISM & SFC scan can help here.

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