Church building for non european Civs

With the DE Churches are now a mandatory building in every european civ, since, apart from their improvements in Age IV, the churches gather XP.

This XP trickle is actually very significant and at least for all the Civs i usually play, and it is a passive bonus, which is particulary good in the early and middle game.

Native civs have the Xp trickle dance, but that Xp doesnt come for free. All those villager seconds in XP could be used for something else.

Asian Civs dont have the Xp trickle, (except for japan torii gates).

Hence, and since both Native and Asian civs actually are XP heavy, i suggest that the monastery and the Cerimonal plaza give a passive XP bonus.

In case of the plaza, the XP dance would only increase that XP in case of the monastery it would work like a church and give the XP.

This issue comes since i’ve been playing several maps that dont have TP, and while you can mitigate the lack of TP with a Church, with several civs you either cant or worse you need vils gathering XP


Japan has Torii Gates multiplier and Shrine XP trickle card.
India has Sacred Fields that actually produce a lot of XP, very fast, when set up with 10 Cows each.
Only China has no XP trickle (at least that comes to mind), but both other Asian civs do.

I keep saying that Aztecs and incas really need a Temple.
All Native civs have an XP Cerimony, however.

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OH i forgot about india. I actually dont play them (unlike china where that is actually an issue).

Hummmm maybe this thread is actually useless.

It is not useless, it was your opinion.
Do not be afraid to say what you think, just be prepared for it to be confronted with other people’s opinions, and facts.

It is true that China is the only civ without an XP trickle.