Church Card Units Training From Forts

Would it disrupt the balance of the game too much for non-mercenary church card units like Roger’s Rangers, Blue Guard, and Alabarderos to be available to train slowly at fortresses like how the legion cards for the US and Mexico work? Just a thought I had.


I’ve been saying this since they introduced legion cards. It’s just one of the many cases where the old civs have not been updated to bring them in line with new features.


the dutch do not need guard muskets trainable. that would be horrendously overpowered in their already quite effective church FI.

Spain does not need cardable guard halbs in age 3

the trouble is these units are upgraded for free, it would be entirely disruptive to make them trainable.


I think it would be a good idea, but to prevent this from becoming OP, the units should have a build limit, as well as not getting the auto-update as our friend above mentioned.
But some technologies would need to be reworked: Portuguese already train crossbowmen, Germans already train Doppels, etc…

or dutch just shouldn’t get muskets outside the one time tech, brits shouldn’t get skirms and spain shouldn’t get halbs, like the civs have been balanced around for 16 years

I like that they are single-use shipments in the case of church technology.

What I think is that they should add new shipments and rework several mediocre shipments.

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Agree, but for me not bad if add for ex:

  • Ducth, military shipment x Askaris.

  • Brittish, military shipment x Gurkhas.

  • Spanish, military shipment x Jaguar Knights or Doppelsoldners.

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