Church cards unit shipments should be infinite

This would make the church cards a little more appealing.


its ok that cards aren’t universally useful in every mode but letting someone spam say kalmucs indefinitely is a bad idea.

unit shipments from church cards often come upgraded over their shipment age and are much cheaper than buying the units from barracks. also the shipments allow overpop, something used in treaty, so how will you deal with that? can i make an army of 500 dragons? or will it now cost upfront population?


It should go the same way you overpopulate 199/200.

I don’t think getting large numbers of discounted units every 15 seconds at a shipment point of your choice is good for game balance.

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So we give it a cooldown.

They’re already very good upgrades. What they should do instead is enable those units at the fort like the American Legion cards.

They could cost a shipment (without adding them to the deck)