Church wagon card does not increase build limit



When you ship the card Holy Refuge, available to all Asian civs, it does not allow you to build another temple with the wagon once shipped, as other civs with similar Techs/cards can.



There is no bug with Holy Refuge card its not meant to increase Monastery build limit only ship a Monastery Rickshaw and reduce the cost of Monastery techs.

The reason why it never increased build limit is because you can make outlaws and mercenaries from a Monastery and they don’t want you to have multiple buildings to do so.

Sadly this is not a bug and you are only meant to have 1…And i am aware that India and japan can have pretty good XP income with the right cards or Consulate allies.

I think it would be fine if China had x2 monasteries because unlike the other 2 Asian civs they dont have a XP curve booster.

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Tell that to Germans, Swedes, Dutch, USA, Mexico…:roll_eyes:
But we know that non westerns cant get their cards upgraded

More than 1 saloon >>>>>>>>>>>> training mercs at standard military buildings