Cinematic Hotkeys don't work with the current primary keybindings


The cinematic hotkeys don’t work, nor does the CTRL + F for Fog of War, and I have no idea why - press ctrl on my keyboard with U and nothing. Toggle fog of war - not working.

I have no idea how to do disable the UI in this game! If I want to take a good screenshot - no idea really.

I’ve tried multiple times resetting the keys, resetting everything, none of it works. The hotkey for the Cinematic camera - not working either.

This is on the Steam version I’m playing on.

Hey there, is this in an active game or in an observer/replay?
These won’t work in a game you’re playing in, only ones you’re an observer or watching through replay.

Hi after having had a playthrough I can see it only works as you as see it watching through a replay or observer

I do wish this cinematic camera mode would be put in single player matches because it would be so cool!