Cistern Mechanics



  • 0.66 (10res/15s) nominal gathering rate used to normalize all resources into Seconds.

  • perfect and continuous villager production and gathering with zero disruptions

  • Minimal Spacing between Cisterns which amounts to 810 stone before rebates.

  • Gathering times have been broken up into increments of 20 to line up with villager production

  • Total Cistern & Aqueduct build time and walk time of 231 seconds and completed at minute 4.

  • total resources are combined with build_times/walk_time using the normalizing factor 0.66

  • Because of a 4min completion time I assumed 3 gathering drop-offs and 2 houses and the 50 stone cache as the only rebates.

  • Vs 2nd TC completed exactly at minute 6 followed by perfect villager production and uninterrupted gathering

  • Lastly even though Cistern buffs establish incrementally for the simplicity of the maff I only apply the full buff at minute 4 and zero before prior to minute 4.

With all those assumptions the MAFF suggests a 4min level 5 cistern network will pay for itself in 4 min and also be ahead of a 6min completion 2nd TC until 18 FUCKING MINUTES INTO THE GAME!!!


K in my formula represents villager count for the SINGLE TC build. Lastly what you see above is the 2nd TC alone in competition with the 25% Cistern buff; I partly negated the fact that both BO’s will have a MAIN TC producing villagers; although the reality is the Cistern BO would already be ahead given cistern are established incrementally.

A 4minute level 5 cistern is ambitious and is deliberately delaying your age up; and sadly because cistern eco buffs does NOT benefit BUILDING then a more thorough analysis would factor in the best level 5 cistern timing WITHOUT delaying your age up which I think pits 2nd TC and level 5 cistern completion maybe 1 minute apart instead of 2 mins, hmmmmmm…

I just pushed the cistern level 5 completion to the RIGHT to start at the same time as the 2nd TC completion; 6min, 6min (the 24th villager timing) ANDDDD cistern level 5 STILL outpaces 2nd TC almost to the 60th villager timing (17+ minutes into the game; again remember villager timing is being referenced to the single TC cistern BO).


P.S. please double check my work.