Civ Ban Mod

I have to say that, i really bored play every game vs goths,franks and britons. Especially “GOTHS”. I think this game need something like civ ban mode or something like that. Maybe for good players it’s not so important play vs goths. But for noob players as me, it’s really annoying to play vs goths every game. I’m not exaggeration it, every game that i play 9 out of 10 is versus Goths.


Seems like you are unlucky. I almost ever play against those civs. In my latest 10 games, i only play against the ethiopians more than once.

Do you enable random civ as option? I always enable that option already. And my own civ pick is always random. I consider me as noob player as well.

They just know a build order. Try to find your favourite unit/strategy and favourite civilization(s). Because playing a game without build order against a player have just watched a video is hard. Like I love Cavalry Archers and Hussars so I usually play as Magyars, Turks, Tatars, Cumans, Huns and Mongols.

I played as Cumans against Goth player (didn’t played well I am sure he just watched a video) Steppe Lancers murdered a lot of Huskarls, they are weak against melee units.

I was playing as Magyars and I had a hole so Frank Knights rushed into my base I resigned, I was noobish player at that times and pikes + good walls protects you from Knights.

I don’t remember any games against Britons but I think Cavalry Archers or Skirmishers can take pikes down when your cavalry chasing them, after pikes are dead archers can’t do well against Cavalry with Skirms or Cavalry Archers.

yes, but it’s not about only huskarls. If you attack huskarls with cavalry, boom he can change halberdier very fast. And if you support you huskarls with some scorpion or range unit is so hard to counter hit. Because they are so cheap, so fast and atleast they can beat normal champion. I’m usually play team ranked not solo. So I do not know what is going on at solo ranked :=). I have 200 match on team ranked and as I said, we are praying everytime : god please no more goths :smiley: yes i always enable random icon :frowning:

That’s why you have Skirmishers or Cavalry Archers with Parthian Tactics.

cavalry archer is too expensive at late game and also there is no Full upgraded cavalry archer on every civ. for example if you are Turk you don’t even have skirmisher. Huskarls is too effective and too cheap. You can create almost unlimited huskarls with low trade.

I didn’t tell everybody needs to use Cavalry Archers. If you don’t like them use your favourite unit.