Civ Concept - Hephthalites

The Hephthalites (aka White Huns) were nomads who dominated Central Asia in the 5th to 8th centuries and were at war with the neighboring Persians and other nomadic tribes.

The civ has powerful early game bonuses but poorer late game.

Cavalry Civilization

  • Light Cavalry regenerates +5/+10/+15 HP per minute starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Shepherds and Hunters do not drop food and add to Stockpile directly.
  • Start the game with a Mill (On nomad maps, the first Mill is free).
  • Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade costs 20% less.

Unique Unit:

  • Steppe Scout - Early Steppe Lancer-line unit in the Feudal Age.
  • Huna Warrior - Medium cavalry unit that increases attack speed of nearby Cavalry Archer-line units within a radius (6 for non-Elite, 8 for Elite).

Unique Technologies

  • III: Xionite Tactics - Reduces the Steppe Lancer cost by 30%.
  • IV: Plunder - Light Cavalry and Steppe Lancers slowly generate +1 food, wood, and gold when dealing damage to enemy economic buildings.

Team Bonus:
Monasteries provide +5 population space (loosely based on the multireligious nature of the hephthalites: Hephthalites - Wikipedia).

Not available:
Archery Range:
Crossbowmen, Elephant Archer-line, Hand Cannoneer, Ring Archer Armor.

Champion, Eagle Warrior-line, Halberdier, Gambesons, Supplies, Squires, Plate Mail Armor

Siege Workshop:
Siege Onager, Armored Elephant-line, Heavy Scorpion, and Bombard Cannon

Paladin, Heavy Camel Rider, Battle Elephant-line, and Plate Barding Armor

Crop Rotation, Two-Man-Saw, Stone Shaft mining, and Guilds.

Architecture, Keep, Bombard Tower, Heated Shot, and Treadmill Crane

Galleon, Dry Dock, Fast Fire Ship, Demolition Ship-line, Dromons, Shipwright, and Cannon Galleon-line.

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I think there is no need for a Hephthalite civ with the Huns already in the game. The problem right now is with the Huns. The only changes I would make to the huns:

  1. Change the architecture type (Central Asian) or let them choose the architecture between Central European and Central Asian.
  2. Allow them to create at least in the Castle Age the Steppe Lancers.
  3. Optional: allow to upgrade the steppe lancers to elite steppe lancers, but remove the paladin upgrade.
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This is terrible. It’s just going to lead into a ridiculously laming based playstyle, because not only can you kill the enemy stuff, you can actually take most of it.

Huns that invaded Europe and Hephthalites are different.

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Well then, what say for shepherds only? I was thinking about an early game economic bonus

This is pretty useless as you can get the sheep to come inside the tc or colse to the mill.

I really like the hunters not needing a dropoff idea maybe it can be offset with something else?

Hephthalite have no connection with Huns, but has connection with Gurjaras.

Why do you treat two completely unrelated civilizations as one?

Because there is a theory that the Hephthalites, also called White Huns, are related to the Huns of Europe, (and to other peoples, for example the Alchon Huns in India, who arose at the same time as the Hephthalites).

Basically they share a number of common characteristics although it cannot be proved as you say that they are the same people. At least they were related and there is the possibility that they are similar peoples, such as the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths.

I don’t understand saying “unrelated” when they are clearly at least minimally related.

Afaik, that’s proven to be wrong.