CiV Designs with Unique Tech Trees

I love to see unique tech tree situations. Civs with camels but not Heavy, it took nearly 2 decades but when it hit I didn’t see it acumen and I’m glad it is this way because it’s flavor.

I love for this. As a civ crafter I often ask, what unique civ can lose X tech or combine X & Y tech/unit that haven’t yet been seen together. Stuff like a civ with Paladins and Battle Eles or a civ with Eagles but not Elite. A civ lacking Town Patrol (easily could’ve been Burgundians who lost due to poor scouting) or Hand Cart or Castle Age mill or lumber camp tech or missing Chemistry. Or missing an imperial age upgrade to your battering or elephant rams or missing Castle Age attack upgrade smithing.

All of these and more get me most excited about how to not only work with said civ design but work around said disadvantages or with said combinations. And I also want to know where best some of such bonuses fit from a historical flavor design as well.

So let’s discuss.

I think it would be more interesting think how to balance these holes in tech trees scenarios…
Like, A meso civ without Elite Eagle upgrade, but an Imperial UT that replace the gold cost with food, or wood. Of course, should lacks important blacksmith’s upgrades for infantry, and maybe an all-round good infantry UU

To a point I agree but sometimes the idea of not working at compensating thr devalued unit like Kamandren Persians but rather maybe a civ without elite eagles has almost every other meso available unit at full tech. Not liktt egg it to use eagles beyond eco disruption but you have arbs siege onagers and champs at full possibly boosted power.

But the thing is, Cuman camels are never used, so it isn’t really flavor. I think basically the only time I’ve used them is when I’m restricted to Castle age in the campaign.


That’s kinda the definition of flavor/identity. Like you don’t use Persian long swords but they can still be teched into and given supplies.

You can train Malay Light cav or cavalier… but should you without the armor?

Saracens have knights when in this day and age it’s okay to not have knights at all.

We now have a civ without elite battle elephant and this civ would feel wrong if it didn’t have battle ele at all from a history perspective.

Goths and Franks and so on get Heavy Cav archer… will anyone ever reasonably consider it?

They have these features as design to fit history, make cool looking tech trees and stuff like that.

If flavor was the wrong word then I’m not sure what I meant to say.

Sorry, don’t catch your goal with this thread… Maybe I’m missing something in traslation, because english is not my native language…

My goal here is to help design fun and enjoyable civs. I’m no balance guru so working with the community we can create great things. If an idea seems good but the numbers aren’t correct then feel free to help your fellow player. There’s more to it but we have a bright future.