Civ diversity/playability

Someone posted on reddit comparing how much the original AoK civs changed over time. And it made me think how much smoother saracens play nowadays, with the variety of buffs they were given.

They werent bottom tier,since they could abuse the market for an incredibly fast food eco and combined with siege archers were able to give really good pressure in the early game. But they werent/arent the easiest to play. And over time they were made much easier to play with a number of changes. I think this last set with zealotry being moved to castle age really helps a lot, since they can now field 150hp camel riders in late castle age, which just smash opposing knights, as well as being much better generalist units.

The imp UT really helps pressure opposing bases, and ensures even partial missed onager shots do so much more damage.

We had a similar situation with the buffs to turks, specifically LC +1PA, which was possibly the most powerful single buff to a civ for open maps

i would love to see edge case civs like koreans or burmese given equally radical buffs, they arent bad civs(the game in general is really well balanced), and these civs have their cases where they shine, but what is so bad about experimenting and making these under used civs more approachable, and/or encouraged to use a wider variety of tactics

thinking of how much people were against saracen and turk buffs

why cant we see radical changes tested in the PUP, like portuguese get +1 damage on skirms, worst case scenario the changes get reverted, but wouldnt it be great if all the less played civs were buffed, instead of homogenising the game by nerfing the top?

who wouldve said 2 years ago, that saracens would have a 150hp camel in castle age? imagine how much people wouldve been against giving infantry a tech that ignores armour? or a civ the ability to gather gold from stone?

would love to see these more interesting changes applied to the older civs, and the rest of these super edge case UT completely removed or changed. and i have a feeling the devs are going to continue doing this, considering how they buffed saracens and slavs recently, and so many other civs over time.

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