Civ guides?

Does anyone know if there are any decent civ guides to read? I know there are videos, but I can’t always watch a video, and an article/blog about a civ and the builds/strength for it would be super dopenif there is some out there.

Forums tended to contain some good civ guides.
But they’ve been drowned out by outrage and crying over dead game that these few good threads have drowned out.

I would check out Tools – AoE4 World

Has a lot of useful tools and information.
As well as link into build-order section

not really a guide, but it can at least inspire a few ideas.


Same. I have been watching videos and they have been enjoyable

Yea videos are great, but I have a lot of time at work when I could read where watching videos isn’t an option

Dont think there many guides cause the game keeps changing with each update. In game replays are good to watch of the top players to see how they play. To see what counts what the best