Civ idea: Norse

Infantry, population, amphibious
Difficulty * *

Villagers deal Bonus damage to wolves and Boar, when killed wolves and Boar drop pelts W3/B6. During a ceremony started at a temple, infantry can equip pelts becoming Berserkers.

Temple available in the feudal age.

Berserkers have Bonus Ranged and melee armor and faster attack speed. They improve the melee damage of units around them by +1. Berserkers move 15% faster when in small groups of other Berserkers

Town centers can produce jarls granting various bonuses depending on where they are garrisoned. Each new Towncenter you build comes with a free Jarl.

Buildings that create military units support 2 population each.

All military ships can transport units in reduced numbers from a transport ship. 16->5

destroying buildings with naval units plunders 50 gold

Military gain 20% more movement speed for 5 seconds after exiting longboats

Unique infantry options and formation toggles, heavy cavalry unlocked in Imperial age. Cavalry have 15% higher movement speed but dismount when travelling with a formation of foot soldiers and when attacking. Remain on horseback when being attacked.

Infantry can form into shield walls, reducing incoming ranged damage by 20%, with a 10% chance per unit, to completely negate an attack.

Shaman can heal multiple units at once while within the influence of a temple

Ring forts are more resistant to fire damage but have less total health and cost less stone to make. Springalds can Garrison inside to act as emplacements.

Feudal Age:
Great Hall-Supports 15 population, villager and infantry cost is slightly reduced for each Jarl garrisoned in the hall, up to 3 can be garrisoned. Gold from trade is increased for each Jarl +10%/18%/25%
Thorvaldsson longhouse- Acts as a Barracks that produces 25% faster. Can be built on land or on a coast to act as a combined dock/barracks and produce both ships and infantry at the same time
Castle Age
Odin’s ceremony circle- Start a Bonfire lasting 2 minutes granting all infantry in its radius the bonuses of a Berserker. Infantry who were not berserkers beforehand can be be made into berserkers with pelts during a fire. Relics can be placed in the landmark increasing its radius and generating gold.
Thorpe of serenity- 4 ornate farms with 50% bonus gathering speed and no need to drop off food. farms built in its radius have 15% bonus gathering speed. Units who walk through its aura are healed 1 health per second.
Imperial age
Akershus Capital fort-Acts as a a keep. Can produce groups of Jomsviking. Powerful infantry who become more powerful when defending a Landmark, or town center. They can garrison in keeps and outposts to increase emplacement attack speed.
Oslo market square-Acts as a market, food sells for 30% more than its current value. Traders can toggle between gold and equipment. Traders assigned to equipment spawn a barracks unit of your choice once they have returned enough gold equivalent to the units total cost. Gold from equipment traders is not received and is immediately contributed to pay for units.


Interesting concept.

It’s funny but the love for Vikings in this forum is noticeable, hehe.

Of course, being critical when it comes to balance, I doubt that they will release Nordic CIV with a Viking theme in the 4 ages for two reasons:

  • 1.- Historically they evolved into the Danes, Norwegians and Swedes, and given the theme of AoeIV of representing empires or cultures to the present day, I do not doubt that the same will happen, and the Viking stage will remain feudal at most, with the rest being ages of these 3 kingdoms and the Kalmar Union.

  • 2.- Weak Lategame: Since the Vikings themselves (like Vikings, but not like later kingdoms) never developed firearms or even technologies such as plate armor, by the imperial era they would lack them.

The only case that I see as possible for a 4-age Viking civ is that they consider first liberating the Aztecs, Mapuches or Incas, who also lacked these, and have a build or similar mechanics to enhance their siege without the need for them. It could also be good for a MOD or campaign civ, if one day, like in Age3:DE, the technology to create civ mods arises (The “New World” civ mod has pirates, Jesuits and even Inuits as civs)

Finally, since everyone is into the Nordic vibe, maybe I’ll be encouraged to make my model hehe. Although good, considering that in 2 or 3 months the new expansion may come out and I would regret it if the Sultanate of Morocco comes out and I didn’t put my concept before.

Take care.