Civ Pickers should need the majority, not the players that go random

Ok so first off I think we can all agree that Civ Picking is like cheating. because it basically improves your winrate greatly like a hack for example (like auto conversion, no fog of war etc.)…

So since these people basically have a cheat on (like picking franks every game so they get into Elo’s they not suppose to be in) I think they should be the ones to have the majority.

Additionally, this is how the game was played for 20 years, + you can’t counter pick the civ as you don’t see them. If I would see their civ I could at least pick accordingly and counter their civ, which would make civ picking not as OP as it currently is and the game more tactical.

You see back in the good ol’ Voobly days where players didn’t lame or Vill war on Nomad to compensate their lack of self-love and human decency, people didn’t pick civ because it was visible to everyone and you could counter pick - hence everyone went random.
Games were enjoyable and the game was more diverse, you could get into new situations and we would also see civs that are not as good.
Being a Pocket Korean for instance is not good, but it gives you an opportunity to show your skill and prove your flexibility. Literally, any infant can pull off the same Build Order with the Same Civ in the Same Position (Flank or Pocket) and the skill ceiling drops significantly. We already have so many QoL changes that help the player and require less and less APM, Coordination and Skill. We should at least make Random Civ the default. While I agree that the QoL changes are helpful to attract newer players and make the game more enjoyable for older folks (30+) -Picking Civ shouldn’t be one of it, as it’s monotony is boring and probably causes a disturbance in the Elo System.

Furthermore, since we know what Balance Team we have we can certainly never expect the game to be balanced ever and therefore we need to limit the accessive civ abuser with my following suggestions:

Random Civs are given to all Players if 4 Players enabled it (currently decent player need 50% +1)
Random Civ Option is enabled as default (Since Random civ is the neutral, non-cheating way of playing the game)

If you are not happy with these changes I’d suggest to only implement them in Fun, Non Ranked modes like Quick Play and Battle Royale.

And to address all civ abuser:

You don’t have skill because you perfected one build order with one civ, eventually, the civ will get nerfed and you fall back to your real elo, means that the civ you like to play and enjoy the most will eventually get gutted because of you. You can’t dodge the elo that matches your skill just because you play civs with 53%+ winrate. (btw falsified and higher than 53% because random’s get that civ too and haven’t perfected one build order with one civ).
There is no point in abusing a civ or lame to win games, If you instead play multiple civs you get to play a wider variety of the actual game and you don’t ruin the fun for people who don’t want to tryhard.
You can go ahead and pick them in any tournament where there is money on the line, but elsewhere its just sweating tryhard.

There is no point, just go Random and be decent, you are better than this, you don’t need a specific civ to show your skill, go ahead and show em that.

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Yeah they can, they just need more than 50% of the votes - another opportunity would be if its 50:50 a RNG system decides all random or not (50% chance for both) - or it looks at the last game that had this situation, all players who wanted all random and lost the 50:50 by the RNG system they get an extra Vote (Civ Option counter), same for civ pickers that got a random civ, then add the extra votes and see who wins the vote now. If Civ pickers for instance again lose the vote for the second time they get a Civ Option counter of 2 in the next game, meaning that their vote counts x3 more.

If you understand what i mean with that system

4 Civ picker, 4 All Random, RNG decides in favor of Civ Picker
All Random get +1 Point in Civ Option counter

Next game (50:50 Civpicker/All Random again) 3 of the All Random player has a Civ Option counter of 1 - While the Civ Picker has a total count of 1 (so a 7 v 5 win for All Random)
Everyone gets a Random Civ
All Random Civ player Counters gets reduced by 1 (or set to 0?)
Civ Picker Counter get 1 Added

Now in future games one Civ Picker has an Counter of 2, and the others 1

Actually I like that system more than my suggestion
Guys think about it, its the perfect balance

It’s not fair to comparing picking civs with these. And auto conversion not a cheat, if you are lucky enough you can convert units in 4 seconds. Marco-Polo is real cheat and not used in multiplayer.

Scouts/Knights, you are telling your enemy what are you going to do to let him/her counter you.

On some maps and some scenario we don’t pick civ obviously.

This is cry of someone who lost game to rush. Please respect their professions, you can click random icon to play random.

I love Cavalry Archers+Hussars so I usually pick Magyars, Turks, Tatars, Mongols, Cumans. 5 civ out of 35 (for now). Like who plays Franks can play civs like Teutons, Magyars, Lithuanians too and do knight rush.

Maybe someone knows rush every civ and got Franks or Ethiopians. Someone can get Franks or Ethiopians with random. Maybe you played against random civ? Pick mirror, if you’re better than enemy and losing because of civ difference. It is like random. Trust me. You don’t immediately resign if you got civ you hate because you are random player right?

Instead of writing these not important stuff with anger, why didn’t you write if random civ vote is %50 let random always win. (I don’t know how does this button works on %50/%50.

In %50/%50 makes sense but when 5 player doesn’t want random but 3 player want it it’s unfair. This isn’t how democracy works.

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yes, only in 50:50 sitaution this system is used of course. I am not an anti democratic tyrann. Tho Frankly seeing that one player could force pick civ on all others for like 10 or 11 month was a pain. I dont understand why this wasnt the case on release

I rather meant an AI that converts automatically, not instant conversion what you thought

Franks currently sits at a 57% winrate in 1v1 - yeah, and that doesn’t include the people that got it Random (so more like 60% winrate among civ pickers) - how is that not cheating?

As I said. You don’t need to write these stuff. You just want to suggest a system seems reasonable. You could write little paragraph and suggest your good suggestion.

Okay, there is too many tutorials on YouTube. Look at the civ, Frankish identity is completely for Scout into Knights or just Knights. In late game add some Throwing Axeman. Some other civs can have more options and confuse its player.

I looked at all civs and in top civs there are a lot of good knight rush civs. People love knights.

Cheat: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

Now, is definition of cheat fitting with picking civ?

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Good idea. Tired of no life Cuman-Burmese pickers on Arena. The second thing I would do is remove Team Positions.

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I just have a question about this thing (picking/random).
If i play 1v1 and i choosed random, is it 100% that i will get a random civ player? Or maybe i will face a civ picker?!


In all seriousness, I always select ‘Prefer Random’ but I wouldn’t want to force the option on others in 1v1. If my opponent feels more comfortable playing a specific civ, I wouldn’t want to spoil his fun by forcing him to go random, plus, the game may be more interesting for me when I try to counter his prepared strategy rather than when I play against someone who has difficulty playing his civ.

If some civs are obviously stronger than others, they should of course be nerfed to make for a more balanced game overall. That remains true even if we always play random.


I dont think this is the opinion of aoezone…

Still i think the face palm is pretty spot on. I see so many false claims about people that are cheaters in the eyes of @BouffantBloom32… It already starts by his first sentence. I dont think it make any sense. There isnt even a majority that thinks civ picking is like cheating.

I also have no idea why the current system will let you counter pick certain civs. You cant see the civs of the enemy. So how can you counterpick against something unknown?

To be clear: I almost always go random civ in most game. I would love to see random civs more often. But i wont force anyone into picking random. I think the current setup is fine. We dont really need any changes. At least not his suggestion. I can see why some players prefer to just play 1 civ only.

If you select the prefer random civ option and enemy wants pick civ, then it is pick civ.

Cheating is gaining an advantage in ways that are prohibited by the rules. Maximising your performance within the rules is the whole point of every competitive activity, and isn’t cheating.

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I mean if i didn’t select the prefer civ (i let it random completely) will be there a choice that i will face a civ picker or it will be completely random civ player?

Match making dont look at those settings at all. So yes, you can still face a civ picker.

So this is not fair at all, where is the benefit here?!

Is this a DeathCounter thread?11

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Is Deathcounter himself…

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There is no benifit for picking random as civ and selecting the prefer random option vs a civ picking that wont enable the option.