Civ redesign fatigue

Lot of discussion about Civ and gameplay redesigns lately. It seems pointless to request this from the developers. Tweaks in balances, new/updated for cards sure. Large Changes to game systems? forget about! That’s mod territory.


Some need redesigns to fix/finish the redesigns like the “fur trade” mechanic


That’s the only one I would agree with, as it is different from the base game anyhow. But splitting Germany or India etc just seems mad.


Splitting Germany or India doesn’t necessarily involve any redesign. Current Germany could be made into Austria with only changes to card names and a new leader and then Prussia could be made as an entirely new faction. Similarly, an entirely new Indian faction such as Mysore could be introduced and the current India be renamed to Mughals.


I disagree, I think it would require a lot more to split them up. Plus I don’t think there is any push for the developers to do so. It would make a nice mod I’m sure, like Napoleonic wars or WOL


“Splitting” them could be a good chance to change both halves a little.

Like Mughals get the Monks replaced by something Islamic and Austria get a unique unit instead of the Skirmisher.

India besides making little historical sense and being straight up insulting also has some gameplay issues.
Good chance to fix both of those.

When we are at it. I think even China could be split into Ming and Qing with current China turning into Qing,
They didn’t exist at the same time but neither did the Aztecs and Mexicans, they even had centuries of New Spain inbetween.


My point was that they wouldn’t have to change anything other than names and it would still fit as Austria. I would be 100% for small changes like Pandurs as a Skirmisher replacement for Austria.

The Mughal empire was still majority Hindu so I don’t see having Hindu elements as a problem. Monks in general are the problem. Japan has Buddhist monks that build Shinto shrines while still trying to include Daymios as a gimmicky unit. Splitting the Monks and Hero units would be the most logical thing to do.

  • Indians should have an Emir hero and a Guru healer
  • China should have a General or Iron Cap Prince hero and Shaolin Monk healer/warrior
  • Japan should have a Daimyo hero and a Kannushi (Shinto Priest) healer/shrine builder and gatherer

In my opinion, the most egregious issue with the design of the Indians is that they are primarily based on the Mughals that were one of the “Gunpowder Empires”, yet they completely lack cannons.

I would be very opposed to splitting up China. Having both Ming and Qing would be like splitting off England from the British faction.

I’m all in for redesign but I’m extremely cautious and reserved to things that don’t overhaul a system/play or civilization for nothing.

This kind of discussions just takes way the focus of what actually needs to be redesigned.
Germans as Germans is fine just like China as China. This kind of change is pointless…it’s just extra work with no benefit at all to the studios or community.
Now: if you talk about the fur/mining mechanics, outdated cards, outlaws… then they’re things that will improve quality & gameplay.

For I can tell the devs have some sort of “list”, “folder”, “tables” with pending improvements/suggestions/ updates.

I can only assume these are not only implemented based by antiquity, but by priority, complexity, necessity and their own preference.

Obviously, it would’ve been nice knowing that way before (I only found out about that a few months ago). And knowing as well as what they have marked as “to-do list”, what’s in progress, what’s closer, what they have started and what they have discarded.

But they said they don’t share it outside their companies.


Quizas suena raro o estúpido para algunos… pero me parecería genial que los japoneses en lugar de tener monjes tuvieran sacerdotisas del santuario como exploradoras y que tuvieran un equivalente al espía como lo puede ser la geisha la cual a diferencia del espía puede atacar con un veneno es mas rápida y puede curar unidades.

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I would propose it the opposite way for India: India becomes the Marathas, and Mughals are re-cast in representation with a new Persian civilization, as the Mughals came from a Turco-Persian dynasty descended from the great Tatar conqueror Tamerlane, and the language of the court was Persian. Mughal architecture was inspired largely by Persian design. A great deal of the Mughal court and aristocracy was imported from either Turkic or Iranian dynasties, even into the 18th century.

For the Indians, Akbar can be replaced with Shivaji or Queen Tarabai. Most of India’s features now lean more Hindu than Islamic, especially with the emphasis on vegetarianism (can’t slaughter livestock, vills cost wood), and that the civilization is led by Brahmins in battle.

I must stress once again all these ideas are wonderful but they are not something the developers would likely want to do. And I Suspect not something the players would all welcome. These are ideas for mods.