Civ with unit discount shouldn't have UU at that type

Yes, I am talking about Goths and Mayans. They are the most ridiculous civs.
Among the many unit bonus, unit discount is the strongest bouns.
On the other hand, UU (infantry and archer) are a little bit stronger than the regular units which you can train in barrack, archer range, and stable.
Therefore, once these civ build a castle, it will become very strong. Because they can have double advantages (stronger unit + cheaper cost for that UU).
So that, I really like the design of and Berbers and Malays. They have cheaper regular cavalry and elephant, but their UU ae cavalry archer and infantry. So that you have to choose to use strong UU or cheaper regular unit with more amount.
When playing a civ with unit advantage, you should choose between the benefit of “quantitative” or “qualitative”, but not both!

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Goths are in general both a weak civ and a poorly designed one since they are so polarising.

Huskarls are countered them with champs, amongst other things, a number of civs actually have compositions that goths heavily struggle against or almost can’t actually beat. Nevermind that a ton of civs simply beat Goths due to their poor eco. There’s nothing wrong with their civ bonus applying to huskarls.

I don’t mean to insult you, but generally if you are losing to goths it’s with one of the few bad matchups, a simply better player, or it’s an L2P issue.

Mayans are a different issue because they are too strong in too many situations. We can agree on that one. Their eco should be nerfed.

And if you want to complain about undercosted unique units, there’s things like Chinese Cho Ku nu
or polish obuchs which hit well above their cost. But certainly not huskarls, when you think of the poor eco behind them

Considering huskarls are literally trash agaonst anything melee…

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You forgot to add Magyars and Vikings

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In fact, huskarl can fight against longsword man.

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Just delete the crappy Goths. They will not be missed.

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To add a little bit of perspective: because unique units are precisely unique to their civilization only, their cost is always designed and balanced with the civilization’s discount already in mind.

For example, Organ Guns are priced according to the Portuguese gold discount, they are balanced around their costing 56 gold. Same applies to every other unique unit that benefits from a discount.

If there is a problem with Huskarls or Plumed Archers being too cheap, the issue lies in the base cost of the unit not being high enough, not in the discount itself.


Hi,trirem,the officials,ask a question how can I do the effect like the first crusude(the Sicilian sliver bonus tech)through the scenario editor,I cannot find the way to do that,can you help me reach it?Thank you.