Civilization 6 pass model for upcoming age of empires II definitive edition expansions

Hello, this is my first post, I am a fan of history and therefore age of empires is one of my favorite games. With the release of the new dlc, I can’t stop thinking about the possible future content that could come to the game and when it would be. I have read that many think that the next expansion would be next year, but I have another theory (in addition to that if everything goes well Age of Empires IV could come out this year) and for this I took the format of the Civilization 6 pass , which every two or three months adds new content, including new civilizations. I know that the two games are not closely related but in my opinion it would be a good idea that this year we have new DLCs every three months, with two civilizations each and new campaigns. Thus we would cover almost all the continents and we would arrive at the end of the year ready to play Age of Empires IV.


I don’t think we can expect that level of support from Microsoft.

Not the least because the DE team is still working with a 20-year old engine, and they can’t change the game mechanics as much as the Civ team- at least not without bugging out the game, which causes more backlash than goodwill.

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Yes Age of Empires is actually an RTS inspired from the Civilizations series since one of its designers did work for the Civilization series.

We might get a new dlc for the second anniversary of the game.
Adding new content every 3 4 months is a bad idea,people need time to adjust to the new content.

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It is not like this DLC had so much content, that you need a whole year to adjust.


Look how many bugs people are finding :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bite-sized at its best.


well we need to see if the dlc sold much or not

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Also the content needs to be balanced too which will take some time.


I don’t think anyone can add new features and civs to an RTS game in every 3 months. Check new civs, they don’t have any bonuses that effects a generic line of units armour/HP/Attack because it’s OP or already used by other civs.

Even you can you get about 10 new civs in a year. Balance, voice, architecture…




I do feel they must have had 4 5 civis in mind initially but cut down to 2 so others can come as later dlc’s.

We already get new content every month. Things like bug fixed, balance change, monthly events for some icons and stuff.

We dont really need new civs every 3-4 months. I would even say that we dont need any new civs at all.

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I don’t think so considering that the DLC got added in August and the fact that the Western European theme has been thoroughly exploited.

Considering their wording though as “First expansion”, more will probably come.

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Normal count of civis per dlc has been 4 5 till the recent one I dont see a reason they would give up that,unless its a shameless cash grab.

Developing new civs has become exponentially harder, and they have to get voice actors to do the lines.

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It is not harder, you have bonuses for new 40 civs at least.
I hope we will get new civs in summer.


40 more civs is optimist but for more sure.

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Well, is only good and valuable content a new civ? What about new map theme, or some more challenges? Those obviously shouldn’t be pricy or cost at all, but i think that some smaller DLC should focus not on new civs, but on the rest of this game, add some spice to it.
Oh, and bug fixes - very important. Free of course

I think some people will buy DLC with more campaigns even if it has no new civs if they put several campaigns in it too, easier to add without any big exploits or problems working their way in to the game as a whole, and several of existing civs do not have a campaign assigned to them yet

Would need more than 2 campaigns in it if it was $10 though and had nothing else in it

Challenges could be added as part of this or something else but I don’t know if there is enough content in that to sell well by itself unless the price is very low, but if they sell challenges for $0.50 it might as well be mobile game microtransactions :nauseated_face:

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