Civilization Craft: Shona

I didn’t know that. I actually made the Swahili a gunpowder and naval civilization, based on how they obtained gunpowder via trading, but I suppose it doesn’t make much sense.

I think the Indian split kinda opens room for further splits in a possible future. Idk for now.

Uh before india got splir we saw splits of slavs, franks, teutons, etc. That door was long open before Indians.

I dont think they will revisit the same regions again.


  • Removed cavalry and gunpowder from the tech tree entirely, replacing the standard scout line with a regional infantry unit, the Mpombo Scout
  • Moved the Assegai to the Archery Range as a regional Cavalry Archer replacement, with no gimmick, and replaced it with a new unique unit, the Svimbo Warrior
  • Replaced two bonuses and changed the functionality of Nguni Shields

My bad. I oversimplified tbh. While some fell to the Portuguese, others prospered with their arrival. The Swahili city-states were never united under one rule.
In the warfare, Portugal had the upper hand for a long time due to the caravel and gunpowder. This changed when the Ottomans allied themselves with the Swahili and supplied them with gunpowder against their common enemy. So there’s nothing wrong with your concept.
As for Kongo and Shona, they fared better, Portuguese gunpowder not being so advantageous on land.

However, I imagine that we will not be able to add all the African civs possible, so I would give the Swahili bonuses to Somalis, since they lived similar situations with Turks and Portuguese and also have more options besides ships and gunpowder. But it’s just my opinion.

I did this summary about the Swahili war if it’s helpful.

This article here explains the Swahili history much better than I do.

Too late. I’ve already taken away the gunpowder affinity for the Swahili, and will probably take away their Middle Eastern architecture set as well.

That’s a good idea.

Not only would that inhibit shepherds under a TC, making it useless, but the Goths get their +15 carry capacity bonus on hunters, so this bonus is either a weaker version of another civ’s bonus, or just useless garbage.

I like the idea of having more African Civs particularly from southern Africa, and the Shona fits right into that picture, but I would most definitely argue for them to have a separate architecture set since the ruins of great Zimbabwe and other ruins left by this group built mostly our of stone doesn’t resemble the current African architecture set built mostly out of mud at all…

Plus I love new architecture sets :grinning:

True. I’ve been trying to create an architecture set that combines Shona, Kongo and Benin and I intend to bring it here as well when finished.

Edit: Actually, all the 3 African civs (Berbers, Malians and Ethiopians) have their particular arch set in real life. I recommend you look for Abejin and Omargg on Steam Workshop, if you don’t know them yet. They made their versions for the game, as well as for other civs as well. These guys are very talented.


I know it’s an overlap, but my brain is stretched and I can’t think of any original bonuses that aren’t completely broken.

That’s a good idea.

Because if I take away gunpowder and cavalry for the Swahili, their continuing to have the Middle Eastern architecture set won’t make much sense.

I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t it make sense? They were Muslims and were influenced by Arabs. Do you think it’s better that they get a new set? What do gunpowder and cavalry have to do?

Because the Middle Eastern civilizations all have Hand Cannoneers and Camels. This is an AoE2 tradition.

I guess you’re right. There’s really no reason they can’t have cavalry and gunpowder, I suppose.

The devs better given Swahili a new architecture set. (The same set for Shonas, Kongo and Benin). Otherwise I would recommend the Middle Eastern, because it fits Swahili the most. The African Architecture has a very unfit Monastery for the Swahili. The whole coast was influenced by the Saracens and Persians. Tbh you can give them gunpowder because they tried to adopt it in the 16 century.

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Cool! Yes indeed they have different architectures, would love to see it added as part of an official DLC though, maybe the devs could get some ideas from Abejin and Omargg…

I would also like to see your rendition though…

I also intend to design an architecture set eventually, perhaps after I’ve done Oceania, Caucasian, and Northwestern American ones.

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Okay, but what about cavalry? I was told Swahili horses were not fit for riding, which is why I took away cavalry. But a civilization with gunpowder but no cavalry is a bit weird.

Swahili shouldn’t have Cavalry. They did not use them. They adopted Gunpowder in the 16th century. I’d definitely give them Hand Cannons. Same with the Kongolese. The Swahili had cannons on their Dhows, which can be a Cannon Galleon replacement

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Just don’t set your expectations too high please :grinning:

Swahili had Mtepe Ships, Cannon Dhows, Trading Vessels, Spearmen, Javelin Throwers, Swordsmen, Archers, Catapults, Cannons and mediocre defenses. Lacked Cavalry.
Shonas had Spearmen, Clubmen, Swordsmen, Javelin Throwers, Archers and really strong defenses. Lacked Gunpowder and Cavalry.
Kongolese had Poison Archers, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry and Knife Throwers, Hand Cannons. No Cavalry.