Civilization Craft: Shona

It’d be weird for a civilization with gunpowder not to have cavalry, right?

I feel like at least giving them the Scout Cavalry is a decent compromise.

All Eastern European civs had hussar, full cav blacksmith and hca. Bohemians or Poles didnt generate any problem

Theres no problem with it

Its weird but in a good way

Its flavourful

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Point well taken.

I hate the minimum character limit.

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Honestly this whole regional thing is going a bit too far. Let’s not treat the building sets as anything more than they actually are: art design teams showing off and a coded in aesthetics choice.

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Wow! you are going to be quite busy it would seem!

Since I am not the one designing it, I am sure it will be nice! :laughing:

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It takes me about half an hour to draw each building, so I won’t be as busy as you think.

If the Swahilis were Muslim, then the African Monastery at least fits them better than it does the Ethiopians, it’s a mosque after all:

Also, I’ve been thinking that, along with unique castles, every civ should get a unique monastery.


From PCM III: Great Zimbabwe: Archery Range, Barracks, and Stables become garrisonable and gain an attack

Well, the graphics of a game, although secondary, help immersion in the story. It’s cool.

Anyway, I don’t intend to design sets for every civ I mentioned, but one for the three.

I’m talking about how certain building sets need certain unit comps like middle easterns all needing gunpowder that’s abdurd!

Oh yes, my bad. I thought you were talking about the regional architecture mentioned above.

I agree with you and I think this feature Apocalypso saw was mere coincidence.