Civilization Idea: Melanesians

I believe the Tatars have longer-lasting sheep that are listed in-game as having more food. This is consistent with that. Longer-lasting berries is exactly how I pictured implementing the bonus.

Sure, that can work.

I didn’t really think about that. If it were just a simple change to the Skirmisher class stats, it would, but if it requires a switch to a melee but otherwise identical unit, then it’s probably best to keep it out of the effect.

It might be, I don’t know. I think the only way to find out would be to test it out. Not sure if that’s something that can be done in the scenario editor, or whether it would require a mod. I think the important thing to test would be whether scouts and men-at-arms can still counter them. In Castle Age, there’s no issue, since knights counter skirmishers very well and have the same melee and pierce armour.

I wonder whether how this would affect converted skirmishers – e.g. if you convert a skirmisher and have some of your own, and double click one, would they all be selected? Presumably not. Conversions are a bit of a mystery to me, but I think techs and civ bonuses don’t normally affect converted units.

I had an idea for a change in effect for Ula Tavatava, since it seems that making Skirmishers deal melee damage is too difficult to code in without breaking the unit for other civs. One of two options (the +2 attack for Bati will remain either way):

  1. Skirmishers deal +4 vs Rams, +3 vs buildings
  2. Skirmishers ignore armor (including the armor of siege units, unlike the Composite Bowman)

Personally, I’m leaning towards the latter, since it would make Skirmishers better against all units and not just siege, which would step on the toes of the Bati, and ignoring pierce armor is in the spirit of dealing melee damage, with the main difference being that melee armor isn’t also a factor. The effect is strong enough that it may necessitate the tech being moved to the Imperial Age.

Shouldn’t be difficult. Even a generic unit can have different stats or abilities based on the civ, either through a bonus or UT.

You could only have the extra zeroed melee entry for this civ’s skirms.

Also I like the melee damage ability far more than another armor ignoring unit.

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I just found a specific building that the Wonder can be: Bau Island Cannibal Temple.


Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have any information about when it dates back to, but it wouldn’t be the first anachronistic Wonder in the game. And I’d say having a specific anachronistic building would be better than using a generic one.

Now I just need to figure out a campaign.

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I bet many more players will welcome another “musketeer-like” UU in future DLCs of AOE2 :grin::grin::grin:

Quoting myself here, but it would be nice if I could find enough info to make a campaign all about the Kingdom of Kaimana. The big appeal is that Gajah Mada visited the kingdom and stayed there briefly, giving it a link to another campaign, but the issue is that Kaimana seems to have only traded peacefully with other kingdoms and empires before being conquered without any resistance. It’s hard to imagine any campaign material there.

Technically you dont need a campaign.romans vikings mayans dont have one either.