Civilization(s) Suggestion: Reconquista 711-1492

Please make two civs based on Christian spanish-portuguese-galician “latin” iberians and Muslim arab-berber “moorish” iberian/north africans. each culture group could be its own civ, but i feel like a design that determines what language and special unit you get depending on what wonder they build similar to chinese, but you have to choose between wonders and units rather than having access to them all. The special unit both sides would get would be a light cavalry unit or replacement called a genitour/jinete/ginete/zenata, armed with a spear or sword and javelin.
the moors could focus on light cavalry, light infantry and navy, while the latins could focus on armored but mobile infantry and cavalry.
campaigns based on this time period and cultures have a lot of potential too.


yes yes yes yes!!

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