Civilization Shell

Regardless of name or region just putting this out there for fun:

Defensive Civilization ______

Civ Bonuses:

  • Town Centers +2 range and +1 attack for the first Town Center of the game only - however once in castle age effects all Town Centers
    (This would also be a good way to re-implement the old Teuton’s bonus)

  • Castles +10 garrison capacity

  • Melee Infantry units gain +10% HP, +1/1 defense in castle age and +1/1 in Imperial Age (+2/2 total)

  • Archer and cav archer type units gain +1/0 armor in Imperial Age

  • Stone Mining lasts 15% longer

  • Lumber, Mining Camps and mills give +5 population while alongside houses are built 100% faster

Special techs:

  • Castle Age tech: Copies At random an enemy’s Castle Special Unit

  • Imperial Age tech: unlocks the research after researching the castle tech - unlocks the Elite Upgrade of the enemy’s special castle unit.

Team Bonus:

  • Monk Type units gain +10% movement speed

Castle Special Unit: none

Full blacksmith, archery range,(except Arbalester and Heavy Cav archer upgrades) barracks(except Infantry speed upgrade and supplies) and university techs upgrades excluding upgrades for the base tower - but gains Bombard Towers
Has full Monks Techs except Heresy
Has all stable upgrades except for cavalry speed, palladin and Hussar
Has full Seige upgrades Except Seige Onager
Has Full dock upgrades except Elite Cannon Galleon

So this civ not only gets 3/3 extra armor for infantry (which by the way is better then malians and teutons combined) they also get 10% extra hp.

So you’re giving them champs with 77 hp, 7 melee armor, and 8 pierce armor, on top of 17 attack. Dude those units are going to be nigh unstoppable.

This is literally Koreans bonus


could probably switch it out for something more original - perhaps… Was +15% longer lasting stone mining in use already?

As for the champs - they will be slower than usual - but can also remove supplies if needed
The slower speed also accounts for how well Condos would be if I left their speed intact - or if you feel that keeping the speed upgrade but removing supplies would be a decent nerf to at least the champ line while keeping their potential that may work as well - but also thinking about the special unit lines - whether or not it’s okay for them to be as fast as the original counterpart while having more defense(provided that the enemy’s special unit is infantry)… On second thought no speed upgrade and no supplies is fine haha

Went ahead and edited the first post

Longer lasting is basically the mayan bonus but stones more about getting that 650 for a first castle and maybe 2nd getting longer lasting for when you build your 4th isn’t really a game plan though you could sell it early feudal and castle then still have it later to work towards castles meaning you have more potential gold from your starting piles but then thats a weird way to do a gold bonus

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I think this alone will still be OP. You can absolutely do douches (in 1700+ rating anyway) in Feudal age with success already. This… this would be like the cherry on the icing on top of the cake.

and the wood saving to go with it…

yeeaahh I think this civ would get so many complaints

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I would like to not criticize the gimmick of being able to get the enemy’s UU because at least it sounds way more fun than memish rev, but what about if the enemy civ has a bad UU or it doesn’t fit your civ’s tech tree. Like imagine paying to be able to train kipchaks but you can’t get husbandry so the whole point of a hit and run unit is ruined. Or it could be the opposite. How do you even kill a bunch of kamayuks or berserks with +3/+3 armour lol. And lastly not having a UU without paying sounds like a huge downside.


Depending on the unit the unique unit might miss some key tech upgrades that would normally effect it - berserks faster regenerating health or Briton’s extra range and so on - as far as +3/3 armor and no speed upgrade it’s like getting a unique tech buffing defense while being reduced to the speed to or slower than a teutonic knight - unless it’s a 1vs1 - in a team game it’s like hitting a jackpot to get the unique unit that will synergize best with the civ - but just getting a unique unit minus the speed upgrade for archer types is a bonus regardless of ability of hit and run - sometimes just the presence of a good archer type is enough to offset it as long as all the other upgrades are there - it’s up to the player whether or not they think it’s worth it in any given situation

I’ll add +1/1 defense to archers and cav archers in Imperial Age to help offset it tho

I’ll edit it to +2 range and +1 attack only on the first TC of the game - once in castle age all tcs are effected

Moving and rebuilding the first tc a second time before castle age will remove this effect until castle age.

This would be a good way to re-implement the old Teuton’s Bonus

How do you deal with nomad? If the first built tc is still affected on nomad, then this civ is insta-pick

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Nomad you have a harder time finding the opponent - and unlike the persian douche - you can’t keep rebuilding -more often than not you’d see people build their tc as soon as they can - aside from those select few that might attempt to douche the first build, it won’t be a problem - it’s already weaker than a persian douche because it’s a 1 time thing after it’s built until castle age - best to use it defensively.

Elite Mangudai with last armor upgrade and +1/+1 on top of it…I don’t think not having Husbandry would change how OP they would be.

Or Teutonic knights with bonus armor…+3/+3 is huge, their slow speed wouldn’t even matter, they can just go and kill all buildings now.

And +3/+3 champs are still too OP even without supplies, even their halbs would be too strong

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woad raiders with +3/3 armor sound scary too.


Noted - edited the archer bonus armor to 1/0
And infantry armor to 2/2

So basically sicilians UU with extra dmg, they Will be strong, but far from unstopable

except it applied to all infantry, not just a unique unit, they could steal an opponents unique unit, and increased health too.
imagine you steal berserks, or huskarls, or woad raiders, or even steal the sicilian unique unit.
4/4 armor base - 7/8 after upgrades. then throw in another 3/3 on top of that.

It looks like they have a very weak tech tree.