Civilization Spoken Language Changes

Considering some of the gameplay and aesthetic changes we’ve gotten in AoE2: DE, I’m surprised there still aren’t any alterations made to the spoken languages. It’s not like there hasn’t been feedback regarding them.

Most particularly, the Byzantines and Italians speaking Latin instead of Greek and Tuscan, respectively, just feels wrong. Their language would suit the Romans okay, but considering the Indians and Slavs had their vocal clips changed in later patches, I don’t see why at least one of these civilizations can’t be given unique dialogue.


Besides those two, I don’t think we need to change more voices. Also, it can quickly become super hard to find someone able to speak some ancient languages (for instance that’s why in-game Mongols and Vietnamese use the modern version of their languages) And sometimes it’s impossible (like the Cuman language being known under written form, but using its close relative Crimean Tatar is much more logical, easier and guarantees the voicelines to be of good quality)

Female voice actor is not native Hindi speaker, it is clear from her accent. She is clearly some foreigner who read from an script.
Older voice set of Indians in Forgotten Empires that was directly taken from Aoe3 sounded so much better! It was definitely acted by some native speaker.

Those were the two really that I wanted. Only other possibility would may be the Goths getting a distinct language from the Teutons, based on their origin.

I guess it would be cool, but I have no idea how they will find someone who can speak a language long gone.

Absolutely true, it’s also illogical. Italians and Byzantines still speaking Latin like Romans?

But there’s also another thing to consider: sound volume. In some civilizations, female and monk’s voice is much lower than male one.