Civilization with highest % treaty victory

Hi Guys, what is the civ with the highest win % in the 40 minute treaty mode? Where can I see these statistics?

from what i understand mexico is considered the strongest treaty faction.

ok perfect, but i knew they nerfed it a lot. Is it still valid then? Can you tell me its strengths?

Not surprising, Mexico can get a strong eco and they have the best musketeer with the Soldado with AOE and Chinacos with an AOE charged action, relatively high HP and bonuses against infantry AND cavalry, you can have Cuirassiers too if you wanted to and you can build lots of forts cheaply and if you wanted you could also build strong outlaws which are quite cheap and even they scale up to imperial.

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So I don’t just have to be a soldado? I remembered that the goal was that. Did they give him another musketeer?

Solidados laming is the way to go. That unit is the most busted in the game. Saphi is a close second because of how strong it is relative to how early it comes out.

And laming flag, if USA one wasnt enough.

A x1.5 wood to coin trade while they are the fastest chopping with massive forests on treaty maps, what could go wrong??