Civilizations and their units

Do you think certain civilizations will have different looking units or the same units for that matter? (EXAMPLE: broadswordsman, hoplite, archer)

I understand Greeks actually had Hoplites, but like other Civilizations such as the Chinese or Babylon didn’t. Will they update this to make each civilization more unique for certain units??

I don’t think so, the idea is to keep the essence of the units as they were originally in the game.

Yes, they changed a bit how buildings looks, but making a hoplite look different for each culture would be an unnecessary feature and (talking about nostalgia) would feel like a new game.

I would really like to see civilization specific units, that i one of the things I always liked the most about the game. Although I have been playing AoE for almost 20 years now I think one of my favorite changes over time was the addition of “uniqueness” of units per civilization in AoE III. I know that the essence of the original game should be kept, but adding some of the new features that have improved AoE should be added, one of them being unique units per civilization. Maybe even changing the look of the same unit per civilization would make it really cool (i.e. Hoplite available for Greeks and Romans but it looks different).

@WindingSpore23 said:
one of them being unique units per civilization.

Bad idea, especialy if you want (and i want too ^^) skin by civ / region (for exemple, in aoe2 if they add skin by region, the jaguar warrior will look like aztec long swordsman, that can be problematic). And, add unique unit change drasticly the gameplay.

I guess it’s true, worth trying though! I hope the game play in HD brings great graphics and some new features with it though.

i think new skins for the most bonused units per civ could be a good idea

0 A.D have this style with their civs, like RTW.

I agree that creating new specific units could “ruin” the original essence of the classic AOE.

Altough, i believe that making slight skin changes to the units could be more accurate to represent each culture.
For exemple, we continue having the “Long Swordsman” unit for the Yamato civilization, but changing the helmet visual to something more “asian” looking, and maybe doing the same to the armor and shield. The same with the chariots, the Roman Civilization keep having the “Chariot” unit, but with slight skin changes to remove their “egyptian looking”.

Well, it’s my opinion and i believe that certainly some will not agree, because such changes could, like i said “ruin” the essence. So i suggest such changes but with the opition in the pre-game menu, something like:

[ ] Original units skins
[ ] Culturally changed units skins

This would make every player happy.
Well, that’s it guys, please give me some feedback, and sorry for my bad english because it’s not my native language.

At present everyone agrees to have skin by culture. I think is important because otherwise we shall always see the same thing and it could be boring.

This seems like a very big change without improving gameplay. If the game doesn’t look like Age1 anymore, I won’t be playing it. I loved the artwork from the original game and if they radically change everything, I won’t have much interest in it.