Civilizations buffs/changes and some bug fixes

Have u ever played Turks/Berber ally ? Ever Faced 95 hp (with sipahi upgrade) Genitours ? After +2 more armor and with some other more bonuses ? This will make Turk/Berber ally literally invincible.
Turk Genitors allrdy GOD tier.

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Why do you complain about an anti-archer unit with 10 pierce armor? We have a Huskarl for tht. The elephant archers have 350+ HP and 9 pierce armor.

But yeah that wasn’t my complete motivation though. I am sorry I didn’t clarify myself.

All upgrades work as usual + Parthian Tactics. If someone researches both Ring Archer Armor and Parthian Tactics, Genitours receive -2p armor. This ensures that the pierce armor is capped at 8 except for Tatars.

Actually PT is armor for Cavalry Archer civs like Huns and Mongols. This makes their Genitours weaker.

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I dont know but maybe change to power for foot archer, or army will better benefit gold not ok for they when nit not thing in imperial age. And like other topic. Rattan archer need a changes( delete delay shoot let they speed fights = foot archer line, and reduce 10w or 5 gold for they are fortable)

Burmesse you are want to nerf they?? They are get quite nerf
Byzantine need blood line, and can fix blood from cattaphract
Britton, I dont know

Maybe need tech 1:+ 3 damage to sign weapon.
2Or + 20%hp for light cavalry.
3) +1 damage for foot archer or skirmish

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